Magnus Hillman recenserar Shareholders edition


Magnus Hillman recenserar Shareholders edition

Isle of Lime, Shareholders edition 2016, a Swedish whisky from Gotland, the largest Swedish island located on the Swedish East Coast. It is only 3 years old, matured on ex-bourbon barrels and heavily charred American oak barrels, bottled at 47% abv.

On the nose: Here is some youth on the scent but also a lovely spiciness with elements of leather, pine and soap. A slight smokiness comes up, a salty smoke, slightly resembling of a young Springbank to be honest. Sweet creamy caramel follows.

On the palate: the whisky arrives gentle and carefully but with a distinct sweetness, brown sugar and caramel sauce. The youth remains but it is far from rough. The balance is out of the ordinary when it comes to young whisky, and besides Kilchoman I have trouble finding an equally balanced youngster from my taste-memory at the moment. The development is slow but the spices begin to grow after a few seconds swirling on the palate. A saltiness at the front to the mid-palate appear as well as milk chocolate and black pepper which goes into the finish

Finish: Medium in length the black pepper starts but there are other spices as well, cinnamon I believe. Cocoa definitely, sweet liquorice and barbecue sauce and I must say it is quite savoury. Some lemon peel and black pepper closes the finish.

Oh yes! This is a good one, too bad it Is difficult to get my hands on.

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